PROtegni Raka

The Initiative

After two successful seasons of “The Little Prince”, now “Miracles, Marvels or the Wonderful World of Fairy Tales” comes as the natural continuation of the initiative of traveling theatric company PROtegni Raka.
The beginning was set in 2012 with the first play, “The Little Prince”, an eponymous stage adaptation of the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It was a charity initiative designed to raise funds to help the treatment of children in difficult health conditions from socially disadvantaged families and orphans. Donations collected during the performances are transferred directly to the account of PROtegni Raka Fund, a non-profit organization which provides financing for children with health problems all over the country.

The Play

The play, “Miracles, Marvels or the Wonderful World of Fairy Tales” is a stage adaptation after some of the most beloved fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Their lessons remain valid today. We chose them because we wanted to make them our message to the young and old.

“Miracles, Marvels or the Wonderful World of Fairy Tales” was written by Olya Stoyanova especially for the cast of travelling theatric company PROtegni Raka. Olya agreed to become part of the initiative on the day she knew about it. She joined unselfishly as an artist, a person, and a mother of three children, in order to help the children of PROtegni Raka. In 2014 she was awarded an “Askeer” in the playwright category.

The Cast

The cast of “Miracles, Marvels or the Wonderful World of Fairy Tales” consists mainly of the team of “The Little Prince”. After two exciting seasons that were full of positive energy, the actors in “The Little Prince” organized by themselves the casting for new actors for the travelling theatric company.

PLAYWRIGHT: Olya Stoyanova
DIRECTOR: Alexander Tkachov
MUSIC: Chavdar Selveliev


The theatric company is formed by people who are not professional actors; in fact they are all employees of ProCredit Bank – bank experts of different experience and working at different positions who are united by the enormous willingness and enthusiasm inherited from the actors in “The Little Prince”. They all participate in the project without getting paid. Everyone is motivated by the cause of PROtegni Raka and the idea to help to raise funds for the treatment of children with health problems.

The Schedule

Get an Invitation

Reservations of invitations: Call on *7000 or +359 700 1 70 70 (at the price of a city call from within the country) - Call center ProCredit Bank, Monday – Friday from 8:00am. - 20:00pm., and Saturday from 9:00am. - 17:00pm. or E-mail us on, stating phone contact, city and date of preferred play. We will contact you to confirm the details.

Invitations for the charity performance are available in the all branches of ProCredit Bank in the cities, where the theater plays, as well in the nearby towns.

In addition, anyone who wishes to donate amount to the charity fund „PROtegni Raka“ and to get invitation for the theatric play, can do so in special boxes to raise funds in the theaters immediately before the show.