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The little Victoria is the first child of the fund of "PROtegni raka". Her parents came to the Bank, they had found out about us from the teachers at the school for blind children where we got the first cases from. On 12 May 2004 an operation was performed, which was successful according to the doctors. Several days after the operation the whole family came to the Bank to express their gratitude.

Simona is 13 years old, from Gabrovo, a schoolgirl in her 8-th form at a school for children with injured eyesight. Simona is ill with cataract of both her eyes and she needed an operation for secondary implantation of lens in her eyes. Simona has already undergone operation to one of her eyes, the second operation is being expected. The girl is happy and smiling, eager to learn and playful.


Victoria is 12 years old and at the moment she is in her 6-th form at school. The child has congenital cataract and she needed operative intervention to both her eyes with implantation of lens in her eyes. One operation has already been performed, the second is being expected. At the moment Vicky is learning to see after the operation performed. She is very shy, even reserved when you first see her, but when she finds friendliness, she relaxes and she starts communicating with pleasure.

Simona Krasimir Tuparova is 4 years old and has abdominal rabdomiosarcoma or to put it in other words she has a tumour in her stomach. She was operated when she was yet 2 years old, but two years later a relapse of the disease was found. She was operated again, this time by Professor Chirkov. The further medical treatment of the child makes a special ray-therapy indispensable, and it has to be carried out at "Gustav Rossi" Institute in Paris. "PROtegni raka" Charity Fund has partly helped for Simona’s treatment in France. The little girls is there now and the seances have already started. Her parents are very worried, but they have the strength to thank everyone who has helped for Simona to have the chance of undergoing the treatment. It is our greatest hope that she will overcome the formidable disease!

Tsvetelina Krasteva from Veliko Tarnovo is 16 years old with diagnosis Non - Hodgkin lymphoma (cancerous growths on the lymph nodes), with accompanying disease diabetes. The disease is included in the list of serious chronic diseases . It is to be treated like leukaemia , i.e . by chemical therapy . However, the therapy causes serious damage to the immune system . Therefore , medicines and additives are necessary, but to buy them Tsveti's mother needs funds that she does not have. Besides during improper application of the chemical therapy there appeared some complications. At the moment the girl is given injections. The girl is faced with 10 years of constant examinations. After specifying the case, the fund transferred money for buying sustaining medicines and food additives for 1 year. Several days later we received a letter from Tsveti. Read it!

Nikola Petrov from Burgas is 3 years old and has Talasemia-Major , this is a serious inborn anaemia, which is to be treated through medulla transplantation . Without having transplantation the child will have to be transfused blood every 2-3 weeks till the end of his life ( which will not be long ). The only chance of transplantation is, if he has a suitable donor. It turned out that Nikola ' s medulla and his elder brother ' s one are 100% identical, which is a very rare thing – they are the first and only case of family donor in Bulgaria . The family got in touch with the best centre for talasemia in Italy, and received positive answer from it. After the family managed to collect the necessary amount, a date for operation was set. Our fund ' s contribution was BGN 1,000 at the end December. The operation will be very difficult , but the parents hope that it will have a positive result and they would like express their gratitude to all our colleagues who donated funds for their child!

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