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January - June 2005

Stoyan Valnarov is 16 years old and suffers from rheumatoid poly-arthritis. This disease consists of acute pain and inflammation of the joints as well as laboured walking. The advanced stage of Stoyan’s disease has led to problems with both his eyes, to arthritis in both his knee-joints and pelvic-thigh joints with recurrences, becoming disabled as well as psychic and social problems in communication. During the latest years the disease became more acute and as a result the disease developed into osteoporosis. The medical committee prescribed expensive treatment with biological agents that costs BGN 1,300, which is beyond the funds of Stoyan’s family. The boy’s parents approached with great hope to PROtegni Raka for help. In February 2005 the fund "PROtegni raka" bought the necessary medicine for Stoyan’s treatment.

Vladislav Filev is 17 years old from Vratsa. His father approached to PROtegni Raka a year ago, looking for the necessary funds for a life-saving, very complex, plastic-urologic operation and a second subsequent transplantation of a kidney. The fund assumed a commitment before the father to issue a certificate of commitment for BGN 1,000. i.е. to pay when all the necessary funds for the operations are collected. At the end of 2004 the parents came again – this time very happy that they managed to collect the huge amount for the two operations, which had to be made in France. Vladislav’s parents are really devoted to the cause of saving their son and finally they made it.

MIhail and Dimitar Hadvievi - this is about twin brothers prematurely born during the seventh month in 1999. The children were born with a hard form of lung Hypoxia- loss of the gray substance of the brain, where the problems in the motor and brain activity come from. They have been diagnosed as sick of hard form of Cererbral Paralysis with 100% permanently limited ability of adaptation. The firstborn son Mihail has a harder form- he cannot sit, talk, keep his head up, he cannot chew, he can only lie incapable even to turn to the other side. He is completely served by his mother, who is their personal assistant. She raises a third child which is less than one year old and is completely healthy. Dimitar has a lighter form of Child Cerebral Paralysis, with the motor and mental development of a three-year-old: he can speak, sit, keep his head up, chew, but he has got a Dislexia- he is not liable to education. Ha hasn’t developed a fine motorics – he’s been fed and served by his mother. A little while ago she finds out about a successful rehabilitation method done in Ucraine by professor Kozyavkin- in a clinic near Lvov, thanks to whom the children reach a remarkable improvement in their development- from a hard form of Child Cerebral Paralysis they are now able to talk and sit. The expected result from that kind of therapy is for Mihail to be able to sit and chew, and for Dimitar the treatment should help in the development of the fine motorics, so he can be served all by himself- toilet and feeding. The Fund financed 12-days course of therapy in this clinic by granting 1400 Euros for each of the twin brothers. After the treatment both Dimitar and Mihail have reached a significant improvement- they have remarkable motor and mental reactions. They are expected to travel to Ucraine for a second course of treatment.

Valentin Marinov was born in 1996 in Sofia. Six months after his birth, because of a hard anemic syndrome, some examinations have been done and he has been diagnosed Homozygote form of B Thalassemia. This is about a very rare Mediterranean disease called Anemia of Kulley. This leads to decreased level of Hemoglobin. In order to keep him alive a Desferal ampulle ( an exceptionally painful procedure) is put and blood is being transfused every 20-30 days. The intervals become shorter as the age grows and can reach 3-4 days. Children who suffer from that kind of disease can live normally after a medulla transplantation is done. Valentin has gone to the pediatric clinic Shemer in Israel, which is specialized in such cases. The surgery is financed by the “Fund for treating children”. "PROtegni raka" granted BGN 2500 for the departing of Valentin to Israel and for covering the expenses on his stay there. Subsequently the transplantation has been unsuccessful and the family had to prolong their stay in Israel, which aroused the need from additional resources. For the first time in the history of the Fund an exception from the statute has been made (one child can be financed only once with 2500lv) and Valentin and his family were additionally granted another 2500lv. At the moment Valentin is in Bulgaria waiting for the next transplantation.

Ivan Rusev was born on the 4th of January, 1990 in Dobrich. In 2001 the child gets sick of Osteosarcomma (joint disease), as a result of which he gets through four surgeries in a hospital in Gorna Banya (Sofia), where a joint prosthesis had been put to him. The joint breaks and the wound is infected. A need from further medical intervention occurs, which is done in France, in Dr. Mascare’s private clinic. The cost of the surgery is 30 000 Euros and will be done in two stages, the first of which costs 10512 Euros and takes place in June 2005. "PROtegni raka" financed partially the operation granting BGN 2500. The surgery was successful. The child is rehabilitating well in Bulgaria. The second stage of the surgery is forthcoming, which has to be done two years after the first one.

Mihail Mihalkov was born in 1991 in Sofia. He lives with his grandmother and his grand-grandmother since he was very little. Mihail was prematurely born in the seventh month and has spent a lot of time in an infant incubator. As a result of that later on little problems in the motor and speech abilities of the child are noticed- tics, drawled, long-winded speech. Later on he had been scared out by animals, which leads to stammering. After an examination made by associate professor Boyanova and Dr. Stankova- logopedists in “Social Communication” Center, they diagnose him cluttering combined with stammering. According to associate professor Boyanova the tongue difficulties can be removed with logopedic therapy and psychotherapeutic methods. "PROtegni raka" finances the course of treatment which costs BGN 1000 in “Social Communication” Center. The course includes 104 hours (10 days) of occupation with logopedists, psychologists and doctors, in three basic directions- psychodrama, logopedical therapy and music therapy.

Gamze Medainova Mustafova is 11 months old, from the village of Byala Palanka, district of Sliven. The child’s diagnosis is spina bifida oculta, determined yet at her birth. This is due to non-closed vertebrae of the spinal chord. The child is with curved spinal chord and is not able to sit or lie on her back. Yet at her birth paresis of her lower limbs was found out that is due to pressed nerves of the spinal chord. The funds approved by the fund to the amount of BGN 2,500 are for operation for placing of a valve that will reduce the pressure in the child’s brain.

Kristina Petrova was born in 1995 in Zemen, Sofia region. She suffers from a hard form of stammering. The stammering begins when she is five and is expressed in blocked speech with intervals of 30-60 seconds, repeated sounds, syllables and whole words. In her speech are noticed repeating of whole senteces from the beginning in order to graze the talking, which additionally worsens the quality of her manner of talking. According to associate professor Boyanova, a logopedist in “Social Communication” Center, the the tongue difficulties can be removed with logopedic therapy and psychotherapeutic methods. "PROtegni raka" financed the course of treatment with the sum of 1000lv in “Social Communication” Center. The course includes 104 hours (10 days) of occupation with logopedists, psychologists and doctors, in three basic directions- psychodrama, logopedical therapy and music therapy.

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