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January - March 2006

Petar Hristev comes from the town of Assenovgrad and was born in 1990. When he was at the age of two doctors found out that he suffers from hydrocephalus (brain trauma). This trauma came as a consequence from an accident and caused oppression of the brain and injured his eyesight. He endured two surgeries and in 1990 a key-valve was implanted in his head. Recently another medical intervention was made due to a haemorrhage. A final operation is still to come – a puncture of the scalp. Petar is very studious and his mother approached ProTegni Raka for the support of purchasing a computer. ProCredit Bank gave Petar Hristev a computer as a gift for his birthday on January 30 and "PROtegni raka" covered his monthly expenses for medicines.

Dimitar Pavlov was born in 1992 and he lives in the village of Prolesha, Sofia District. He was 5 years old, when he had a surgery operation for removing appendicitis due to strong stomachaches. Then it turned out that it was not the appendicitis but a lymphoblast leukemia which was determined later in the Second City Hospital in Sofia. After determining the nature of the disease Dimitar was transferred to the Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Children with Oncohematological Diseases (“Tsaritsa Joanna” Hospital) where he was under the observation of Dr. Bobev. There, Dimitar started his medical treatment, which lasted almost a year. Unfortunately on February 4, 2005, the doctors registered a second hemathologic relapse. Later, on May 5, 2005, after a grant of USD 127,000 from the Fund for Children’s Medication, Dimitar and his mother went to Israel for marrow transplantation in the University Hospital Hadasah. The surgery operation took place on June 6, 2005. After that the Hospital committed itself to conduct post operational, recovery and sustaining medical procedures for a period of one year. The Hospital also provided hospitalization for Dimitar and his mother only for the period of transplantation. After that they covered the expenses for their stay themselves. The rent for the apartment was USD 600. "PROtegni raka" helped the family providing BGN 2,500 for their stay in Israel.

Miroslav was born in 2002 in the town of Cherven Bryag. His first complaints came in February 2005 and on 15.07.05 in the Pirogov Hospital the doctors found out that he had a neuroblastom. An operation was made and the upper part of the kidney was removed. According to the position and size of the neuroblastom, and also depending on the extent of its spread within the body, the first thing that needs to be done is either an operation or chimiotherapy. Irradiation could, however, be efficient and applicable only for part of the cases and the doctors recommended surgery interventions to be made. After two operations, the first of the stomach and the second of the head (due to metastasis there) Miroslav’s treatment continued with chimiotherapy for almost a year. After that the doctors prescribed the treatment to be continued for a period of at least 4 years but with longer intervals between the procedures. The family was then in a very difficult financial situation. The child’s treatment must be carried-out in Sofia, where the best experts are. The expenses for the medical treatment are paid by the State, so ProTegni Raka covered part of the family’s daily expenses (mainly for food) in Sofia. In our deepest sorrow we are sorry to have to announce that the radiant Miroslav could not overcome the terrible disease and passed away in March.

Little Asen Zhilov was born in April 2005 and comes from the village of Kostievo near Plovdiv. When he was only 6 months old, the doctors found out that he suffers from retinoblastrom - malignant tumor on both eyes. Unfortunately, as a result from a surgery operation at the University Hospital “Saint George” in Plovdiv the right eye was removed. The doctors recommended his parents an operation to be carried out in Essen, Germany, and funds have been provided mostly by foundations. On March 5, 2006 Asen went to Essen together with his grandmother and Dr. Inna Georgieva. "PROtegni raka" covered part of the travel expenses and engaged to pay part of the expenses for the stay in the German Hospital, in a total amount of BGN 2 500.

Lili Bogusheva was born in 2001 in the town of Blagoevgrad. In December 2003 when Lili was 2 years old the doctors diagnosed a tumor in the brain. In December 2003 Lili was taken to Pirogov Hospital where a pallet was implanted. In January 2004 the tumor was removed in an operation. The post-operation period was difficult for Lili. The pallet that had been implanted did not function properly and as a result it was replaced. In March 2004 Lili left the hospital and a month later she started a chemotherapy in six courses for a period of 8 months. After the fourth course of the therapy Lili could not walk as she started to lose her balance. Unfortunately, in September 2005 a relapse was determined and then an operation followed to remove the tumor. The doctors prescribed radiation therapy, which is not provided in Bulgaria for children under 5 years old due to a possible harms in their intellectual development. Therefore it was necessary to send Lili immediately to a hospital in Germany. The citizens of Blagoevgrad have organized many charity actions to collect funds for Lili’s medical treatment. "PROtegni raka" committed itself to donate BGN 2500 for Lili’s medication in Germany.

Stefani Ilieva was born in 2002 in the town of Samokov. The girl was prematurely born in the seventh month and was held in a couveuse for three months after her birth. When she was two years old, during an examination in the Medical Academy the doctors came out with a diagnosis of cerebral paralysis which affected her legs. Her active movements are totally limited and her balance is damaged. Stefani cannot move unassisted and she can only stand on her toes, but not on her heels. Various rehabilitation procedures have been carried-out. The fund helped us with a total of BGN 1 420 for the purchase of botulin toxine and payment of the additional therapies.

Alex Ivanova was born in 2001 in Targovishte. She suffers from autism. This means that she does not understand the world around her - for example, she could hurt herself with a knife or get run over by a car. She doesn’t speak, just utters sounds and doesn’t comprehend what she’s told. Her memory is mechanical. She does nothing and lives in her own world. She is the only child in the family. Since November 2005 Alex lives together with her parents in Veliko Turnovo because there is a center for injured children. The disease is very difficult to be treated and her parents’ only wish is at least to help her adapt in society so that she isn’t dangerous either to people around her or herself. The President of the Autism Association told the family that in Italy there was an expert who does complete chemical analysis and prescribes medical treatment. Six thousand Euro is needed for the check-up. Our fund is ready to provide EUR 800 at this stage.

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