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January - March 2007

The twins Petar and Teodor Bajarovi аre 3 years old, form Samokov. They both have been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (quadriparesis). Daily active physiotherapy of the muscles of the limbs is needed for the improvement of the kinds. Petar and Teodor have specialized daily procedures in a clinic in Sofia. They try to crawl and move their hands. The doctors ar optimistic that the kids have good chances to get their muscles’ physical tonus improved by regular and systematic rehabilitation. The twins were prescribed daily kinesitherapy. "PROtegni raka" granted each of the twins BGN 2 500 for this rehab.

Preslava Titova is almost 4 years old from Dobrich. When she is a little older than one year she receives a virus disease, which causes the appearance of dead brain cells, as a consequence epilepsy and Child Cerebral Paralysis appear. At the moment a treatment to her is taken in Military- Medical Academy- Sofia and is consisted in “applicating stem cells”. This is comparatively new and expensive method of treatment and is not due to the Health Department. Six surgeries are predicted to be done, the first one has already passed and according to the parents it had led to actual improvement: Preslava has started to repeat words and syllables and with help from others has tried to walk. "PROtegni raka" financed with BGN 2500 the second surgery of Preslava.

Rushen Ryahov is 4 years old and comes form Yakoruda. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy – Symptomatic West Syndrome and Polimalformation Syndrome. The kid can neither not move alone nor speak. He is mentally retarded and needs regular rehabilitation procedures in order the treatment to have positive effect. The fund PROtegni raka granted him BGN 2 500.

The children day-care centre “Saint Mina” in Sofia is the place where kids suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome and other similar diseases spend some of their time during the day. The centre is for kids from 5 to 15 years and doctors and pedagogues take care of their social communication outside their family. There are excellent conditions for their stay and the work with them. The children centre often organizes campaigns to raise funds or collect other materials the kids need for their comfortable and useful everyday life. In February 2007 PROtegni raka helped the centre by providing BGN 200 for purchase of medicines for emergency cases.

Dobri Nikolov is 11 years old, form Varna. In February 2006 he got into a hospital after he had been beaten up. In March 2006 he was diagnosed with Acute non-lymphocytic myelogenuous leukemia. The parents believe the stress from the incident has let the disease out. The blood transfusion and the chemotherapy are lifesaving for the kid. Due to the broken immune system of Dobri there are numerous complications and he got Hepatitis C. in the end of 2006 after intensive chemo his condition finally improved. Ever since Dobri undergoes maintenance treatment with Lamvis which has to continue by the end of 2007. "PROtegni raka" helped by paying the full cost of the medicine for the treatment.

Plamen Baltov is 13 years old. After suffering a severe disease when she was 7 she started having complex partial seizures. So far she has been treated with different medicine as per the doctor’s prescriptions. In 2003 after about 2 years without seizures the lid stopped taking some of the pills for a period of 4 months. In December 2003 Plamen started having seizures again which caused him troubles with school. He was diagnosed with focal epilepsy and the doctors said there might be epilepsy of the temporal share of the brain with left-sided sclerosis of the hippocampus. There was a NMR but the doctors prescribed another test in a German clinic which disposes of better and more precise equipment. The examination in Germany took place in January 2007 and an urgent surgery was prescribed whose cost was EUR 30,000 . PROtegni raka provided BGN 2,500 for the treatment.

Martin Pavlov is 5 years old and comes from Sishtov. He was run over by a train on 04.04.2004 at the Train Station in Svishtov. His leg had to be amputated. The diagnosis of Martin is traumatic amputation of the lower part of the leg and needs a new artificial limb which would ease his condition. The fund provided the funds needed for the purchase of a suitable artificial limb for the kid for the amount of BGN 1,000 .

Vasil Mladenov is 3 years old, from Sofia, and he has hydrocephalus. In 2004 he was inserted a shunt in the head but as there were doubts about malfunctioning a revision of the shunt was made in 2005 and in August 2006. After the last revision the child became anxious and ill-tempered. This is why the old shunt was explanted and a new one was inserted in September 2006. At the time this application was considered the kind was in hospital – he weights only 7 kilos, his blood was poisoned by the malfunctioning shunt, and he could be fed only with apple juice. According to the doctors the shunts he was inserted by then did not work and a new, more expensive one had to be inserted by all means. The two previous shunts cost BGN 1,800 each, while the new one the family applied for cost 3,000. The maximum amount of BGN 2,500 is going to be granted to the child, but the doctors are waiting for the general condition of the kid to improve in order to perform the surgery.

Nikola Slaveykov is 1 year old and comes form Montana. When he was 30 days old he was inserted a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt in the head due to progressive hydrocephalus. When he was 70 days old there was a revision of the shunt because it was malfunctioning (the tube was obstructed). The kid is retarded in terms of motor functions and mental development – he can sit without support and stand on his feet with some help now. Due to some doubts that the shunt is malfunctioning the doctors decided the kid needed a new one so the family applied for the maximum amount. During the operation it turned out the old shunt was fine and it was just the tube that had to be replaced. The family retuned the amount of BGN 2,500 granted by the fund.

Dimo Karanaidenov is one year and a month old, from the town of Banya. His diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy G 80.3. His doctors prescribed monthly hospitalization for regular specialized rehabilitation. The more treatment he gets at this age the greater is the chance for full recovery. PROtegni raka helped the little Dimo by providing a grant in the amount of BGN 2,380 for monthly specialized rehabilitation.

Ivan Falakov is one year and nine months old and lives in the village of Rudnik. He was to have problems with the development when he was four months old and he was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy. His parents provided hi rehabilitation treatment and his condition evidently improved because of it. PROtegni raka granted the amount of BGN 1,074 for two courses of specialized physiotherapy procedures and speech therapy.


Bojidar Tomov was born in 2002 in Berkovitsa. When he was a year and a half the doctor found out he had Cerebral Palsy. Bojidar can stand and walk on the front part of his feet if he has stable support. His balance skills are very poor. he was prescribed monthly rehabilitation and procedures in a specialized linic as the Health Insurance Institute pays for a part of the expenses. There is improvement of the kid’s condition after every physiotherapeutic procedure. PROtegni raka granted BGN 1,900 for the needed procedures.

Rumyana Georgieva - Rumy is 12 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She lives in Pazardjik and has a younger sister. Rumy goes to schools in a wheel chair and takes parts in many competitions for children with disorders. She has won numerous prices. Recently her mother found out about the “Saint Sofia” Hospital where children with her disease are treated exclusively. The fund granted to Rumy BGN 2 370 for procedures and manipulations and we hope that Rumy will be soon able to make a few steps of her own.

Teresa Videnova is 5 years old, from Vidin. She was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy when she was 16 month sold. гр. Видин. A year later, after a surgery on the Achilles tendon she started walking. The treatment was financially supported by PROtegni raka. However the girl is still unstable and her mother Teodora is always by her side to assist the girl. They live alone after the dead of the father in 2006. The hope that Teresa will get more stable and even be able to go to kinder garden made the mother to turn to PROtegni raka again in March this year. The fund granted the amount of BGN 1 797 for rehab prescribed by a specialized clinic. We hope we will soon see the first pictures of Teresa in the kinder garden.

Tsvetomir Tsvetkov is 3 years and 3 months old, from Sofia. The kid was born with a defect of the spinal cord (spina bifida), he has fixed lower limbs and hydrocephaly. In his early age he had 2 surgeries and an outlet shunt was inserted. In the end of 2006 the doctors found out the shunt was functioning badly and a new one was needed, i.e. a new lifesaving surgery. PROtegni raka granted BGN 2 500 for the purchase of ventriculoperitoneal shunt.

Emanuil and Radostina Hristovi are respectively 9 and 6 years old. They both suffer from acute malformation syndrome. The doctors cannot find the cause for the disease. Emanuil and Radostina stay in bed all the time, they cannot move or communicate. They need money for wheel chairs and medicat tests in the clinic in Sofia. PROtegni raka will grant each of the kids funds in the amount of BGN 2 500 .

Hristo Kandjikov is a year and a half old, form the village of Rupite. He was born after a pathologic pregnancy and he ahs Cerebral Palsy - undefined G 80.9. He cannot speak and moving for him is hard. The PROtegni raka fund granted the amount of BGN 2 000 for specialized rehabilitation. After the physiotherapy for making the muscles more flexible, Hristo feels better and ne already make shis first steps by himself.

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