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January 2008

Medico-social center, Burgas In the home are placed new-born and abandoned children for medical and social cares, children liable to adoption, children liable to being raised, risky new-born children- prematurely born- until they reach certain weight, children with anomalies and heavy birth malformations, etc. Basic indicators for placing children are- children without parents or guardian, with low social status, parents serving a term of imprisonment- ill children. "PROtegni raka" finances the buying of kuvyoz for prematurely born children for the prize of BGN 4 370.

Victoria Peykova is 3 years old from Lovech. The pregnancy of her mother passes with bleeding and is pathological. Right after the birth a hard internal Hydrocephaly and tibial paralysis two-sided are found. For the first months of her life the girl her neurotic and psychic development falls behind. As a result of the monthly taken place courses for rehabilitation in Specialized hospital- Sofia, at the moment the child stands by itself, stands up with help, crawls, steps on its heels. Speaks separate words. "PROtegni raka" helped with 2500 leva for the rehabilitation of little Victoria in 2008.

Juliana Aleksandrova is from Stara Zagora and is 2 years and 5 months old. During the birth she gets hard neurotic damages and the horrible diagnosis: Cortex cerebrum atrophy, Multikistic encephalopatia, Spastic tetraparesis, Rough detention of the psychomotor development, Atrophy of the visual nerves, Epilepsy, Children cerebral paralysis. Transplantation of stem cells, which is done in Neyrovita clinic in Moscow is the only hope. Protegni raka is takes on a part of the resources for the long treatment. Here is more information about Juliana.

Martin Stefanov is a child from normally passed pregnancy. 3 months after he is born the parents notice extreme growing of the measurement of the head. After consultation with a pediatrist TFE is made and Dilatation of the brain ventricules is established. By emergency on 14th of March, 2007, the child enters MBALSM “ Pirogov” for surgeries. A surgery is made immediately and ventricule- peritoneum shunt- liquor draining system is implanted. At the moment the child is again in hospital, and on the 16th of January, 2008, a brain endoscopic surgery is appointed. During that surgery a special catheter must be placed, which is not due to the Health Department and the fund finances with BGN 1 100 the buying of one.

Iliana Ilieva is a 10th grade student in “G. S. Rakovski” trade high school. She is 16 years old with 95% disability and suffers from mukoviscidosis ( genetically proved mutation LF-508), generalized form with dominating lung affection. It is a rare disease from which nearly 180 children in Bulgaria suffer. The disease was discovered 8 months after Iliana was born by examining her and her parents. Often hospitalization is needed because of the pursuing diseases. With the help of "PROtegni raka" Iliana’s family will buy the expensive medication Tobramicin.

Martin Zahariev is 8 years old child, whom are found benign tumour in the stem of the brain several years ago. The tomour causes the appearances of cysts, which paralyze the child and put him in a wheelchair. Several surgeries for removing the cysts have taken place in Bulgaria. The basic treatment of the tumour itself he receives in Neurosurgery clinic in Hanover, Germany, where a surgery for removing the tumour will be made. The money is gathered from donations, and "PROtegni raka" finances the travel of the child to the German city.

Hristian Sirakov is 6 years old from Plovdiv. Hristian is born with a genetic disease - Down Syndrome. His mother is the one who takes complete care of him. So far the child has a modest intellectual and physical detention. A logopedist is visited and amino acids are taken, which stops the development of the protein that blocks the brain activity. These amino acids are taken from the day Hristian was born by different schedules and continuing that is the purpose for financing with BGN 2500.

Ivan Peev is 6 years old from Plovdiv, but these first years of his childhood pass in daily rehabilitation procedures, because he suffers from child cerebral paralysis. Once already the doctors have transplanted stem cells in the University clinic “St. Ivan Rilski” in Sofia and the child’s condition has improved. A second surgery is about to be made, for which the parents are gathering resources. They hope the transplantation of stem cells will help Ivan in treatment of the disease. "PROtegni raka" helped with BGN 2500 for the surgery.

Ivan Falakov was born with weight of 3300 gr., without complications in the afterbirth period. Problems in the child’s development are settled during the fourth month after he was born. After examination by a doctor a diagnosis is established- child cerebral paralysis. When Ivan becomes 1 year old the parents find out about the specialized clinic “St. Sofia”, where rehabilitation procedures are being done. By January, 2008, Ivan has visited the clinic 6 times for procedures. After each visitation his condition improves, which encourages the parents to go on with further treatment. Help for paying for the previous treatments comes from relatives, in March,2007, the "PROtegni raka" fund joins. Now the fund finances the rehabilitation with BGN 1 000 , for a second year.

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