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January - February 2009

Asen Hristov is seven years old from Sofia. “PROtegni raka” granted BGN 1 000 for a second water rehabilitation. He suffers from Child Cerebral Paralysis and Epilepsy. Asen cannot walk or talk. This kind of rehabilitation helps the child to improve his static- dynamic development.

Maria Stoyanova is 12
and suffers from Child Cerebral Paralysis, settled after she was born. She spends 30 days in an infant incubator after her birth. After a doctor’s mistake she gets some complications which lead to a pus Meninigitis. She can sit, she moves with a wheelchair, speaks, reaches for objects, goes to the hospital school in Momin prohod. “PROtegni raka” helped Maria with the sum of BGN 2 187 for a walker and rehabilitation.

Nedka Kileva is 6 years and 5 months old from Stara Zagora. Mental retardation was diagnosed when she was 2 years old. Nedka doen`t speak with her relatives and she has aggressive behaviour. After several unsuccessful treatments with medicaments and diet, in July 2008 the parents began treatment with amino acids and lipids, which should last more than 1 year. Nedka does not speak yet but thanks to the treatment there are attempts for non-verbal communication with others, and also to build elementary abilities. "PROtegni raka" helped with BGN 2 500 Nedka`s parents to continue her treatment.

Georgi Kornofozov is almost 17 years old from Yambol. His problems begin when he is just a baby. One and a half years after his birth he gets the hard diagnosis “Entire harm of the excretion system”. The child has gone through 4 complicated surgeries since 1993, one of which is for removing his left kidney. He was about to lose his other one when his family asked for help from the fund for a surgery abroad. After they cope with the paying for the operation, helped by donations, the parents turn again to us for help for post surgery treatment- mainly for medications and control examinations. The fund helped Georgi with the sum of BGN 2500.

Ivan Andreev is ten years old from Veliko Tarnovo. After his adoption 7 years after he was born, the mother has noticed falling behind in his psycho-motor development. When he was two, a falling behind in the neuro-psychical development and exchange Encephalopathia are settled. The child needs help for his self attendance in life because of damaged communication abilities. The mother turned to “PROtegni raka” for help to finance a treatment with metabolic medicines, because the child has been well influenced by some courses taken so far, he is not hyperactive and aggressive, he is much more communicative as well. "PROtegni raka"helped Ivan’s treatment with BGN 2500 for metabolic medicines.

Boyana Sabinova is nine years old from Plovdiv. Her disease (child autism) is registered when she was one and a half years old. Boyana goes three times a week to see a psychologist in Child center “Pooh Bear”, these visitations are paid for by the parents, BGN 20 each, she also visits logopedist 3 times a week, BGN 20 for each visitation. The fund granted a sum of BGN 2 500 for these visitations.

Stanimira Topuzova is 10 years old from Narechenski Bani village, suffering from Child Cerebral Paralysis. She needs resources for the buying of a wheelchair, which will ease her movement. “PROtegni raka” granted BGN 2325 for a wheelchair for Stanimira.

Nikola Tsvetanov was born on 19 October 2007 in Lom. Right after his birth he was given the diagnosis Spastic Child Cerebral Paralysis. The parents have applied for the fund "PROtegni raka" for the paying of treatment procedures, which are not due to the Health Department (individual logopedical therapy, specialized individual kinesitherapy, warmth procedures and electro stimulations).

Kristian Kostadinov was born on 14 September 2007 from a first abnormally passed pregnancy. Nine months later it is settled that the child has a problem when he starts walking. Kristian cannot keep balance while walking and is given the diagnosis Another Child Cerebral Paralysis. The parents’ aim is for an active rehabilitation to be done while the child is younger in order to avoid diagnosing conclusively Child Cerebral Paralysis on the age of 1 and half years. “PROtegni raka” helped Kristian with BGN 1 000 for rehabilitations.

Borislava Goranova is 7 years old, prematurely born from a normally passed pregnancy with weight of 1800 g. She had been raised in an infant incubator for 25 days. Having turned 4, her walk had got unstable, often falling and reeling, a headache with variable course had appeared. She was diagnosed Occlusive Internal Hydrocephaly. After a surgery a liquor draining valve was put. The child needs rehabilitation procedures which will improve her movement and lighten her condition. The sum granted by “PROtegni raka” which is BGN 1 000 , served for procedures for rehabilitating the child.

Silvia Ivanova is 16 years old from Burgas. She falls behind with her psychomotor development, because a few months after she was born the hard diagnosis Child Cerebral Paralysis has been formed. At the moment the child still cannot walk, but with support she can stand erect. Silvia’s parents asked for help the fund for the buying of specialized walker for her.

Emily Wladimirowa is 2 years old from Pernik. During the birth she has a trauma of her shoulder. Because of it she cannot move her arm. Emily is put to many rehabilitation procedures, which help for her improvement. So far, thanks to the rehabilitation, she can move her fingers. “PROtegni raka” granted BGN 495 for a three-week course of rehabilitation for Emily.

Kostadin Rosenov is a 6-year-old boy, suffering from fractional Autism. He has problems with his behaviour, communication and speech development. The hindrance in his speech development and autistic like behaviour require permanent and systematic therapy with a logopedist. Since August, last year, he visits a logopedist in Child Center “Pooh Bear”- Dr. Petya Hristova, twice or three times a week, depending on the parents’ financial abilities- 20 BGN/ 45 min. “PROtegni raka” helped Kostadin with BGN 2 500, so he can continue visiting a logopedist.

Yanislav Proychev is almost 1 year old from Plovdiv. Right after his birth symptoms of the Down syndrome are found, a diagnosis which after some examinations is confirmed. The treatment done on that stage includes rehabilitations. By doctors’ advice the child will start taking amino acids, which according to them will have a good impact on his further development. The fund granted BGN 2 500 for combined treatment of rehabilitation and amino acids for little Yanislav.

Radost and Teodor Vladimirovi are brother and sister, respectively 2 and 7 years old. Both children suffer from a hard form of Child Cerebral Paralysis. “PROtegni raka” helped the family by taking over the expenses for the rehabilitation which costs BGN 2 000 for a second year.

Desi Grozdanova is a pretty 8-year-old girl from Kazichene village. She was born a full-te with the navel string twisted around her neck, in depressive condition. She was raised in an infant incubator. At only 10 months of age she was diagnosed Child Cerebral Paralysis. All four limbs are affected. The muscle strength is decreased, the fine motorics, equilibrium and head control are damaged. Desi can, although difficult, turn from belly to back, she can crawl, but not creep or sit. The fund financed the purchase of a therapeutic chair for positioning for the price of BGN 2 500.

Ivan Dechev is five and a half years old, suffering from Autistic like disorder of behaviour. He needs to visit a psychologist twice a week, a logopedist once and twice - art therapy. “PROtegni raka” helped with BGN 2500 for Ivan’s rehabilitation.

Deyan Yurukov is only 8 months of age from Plovdiv. He suffers from arthrogriposis, found during the birth, which is expressed in malformations in either the upper and lower limbs. In order to impact on the motor functions in this early age are being done permanent rehabilitations, thermotherapy and electro stimulations, and on this stage there is an improvement. The sum of BGN 2 500 approved by the fund will serve for continuing little Deyan’s therapy.

Radina Penkova is 7 years old from Burgas. Little Radina is diagnosed Hypermetropia, the so called lazy eye. As a result from the disease the child has a decreased sight - 30% of the right eye and 50% of the left. After examinations with a specialist from a clinic in Kaluga (Dr. Yudina) a treatment of three cycles of procedures for stimulating the sight nerve is recommended. As a result of them it is expected that by turning 18 the Radina’s eyes should be cured completely. “PROtegni raka” helped the realization of the first surgery with BGN 2 500.

Six-year old Gergana Dimitrova from Yambol suffers from Child Cerebral Paralysis. The fund granted BGN 1000 for rehabilitation, which includes tangentor, electro stimulation, logopedist, healing gymnastics, hand massage and studies in a sanatorium in Momin Prohod. The procedures start on 10 March 2009.

Vesna Veneva is 8 years old from Sofia. In February, last year, she enters Pirogov with pain in the belly and a hard kidney crisis. After an examination it is settled that she has a stenosis of the urethra. She needs to be put a doze of Defluks- an expensive medicine, which is too hard for an unemployed mother. The fund helped with the purchase of a single doze of Defluks, which costs BGN 800.

Toni Naydenova is 7 years old. During the summer, 2008, it is settled that she has a benign brain tumor. A surgery had been made, but now she needs special examinations abroad, which will show whether another one is to be done for removing the whole tumor. A donation account has been opened in order to raise funds for the examinations. “PROtegni raka” joined with BGN 2 500.

Emanuil Dzhurov is 2 years old from Yagoda village, Stara Zagora region. When he is only 5 months of age a Child Cerebral Paralysis has been settled, pursued by symptomatic epilepsy. The child has a neuron-psychic falling behind, does not speak, cannot sit by himself, and according to the doctors is not in the condition to start walking at the moment and needs permanent kinesitherapy and logopedical help. The parents will use the BGN 1 000 from “PROtegni raka” for more intensive rehabilitation for Emanuil.

Three-year old Philip Karaivanov suffers from Child Cerebral Paralysis. “PROtegni raka” granted BGN 1 000 for rehabilitation and metabolic therapy for improving little Philip’s condition.

Little Tsvetozara Vasileva is 4 years old and has Child Cerebral Paralysis. The fund granted BGN 1 000 for her rehabilitation.

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