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January - June 2010

Ivaylo Alexandrov is 7 months old and suffers from a weak mobility of the right shoulder. At this age, the intense rehabilitation procedures are extremely important for his recovery. "PROtegni raka" helped with funds for child’s treatment.

Stefan Spasov is a second twin. He is 1 year old and his motive function is injured as a consequence of child cerebral paralysis. He needs a special device to set up straight. For the purchase of this device his parents were supported by the Fund "PROtegni raka".

Alexander Hristov is 1 year and a half old with paralysis in his right shoulder. He has good chances for recovery, if he has been applied with a long rehabilitation. The Fund grants amount for his treatment with rehabilitation procedures.

Аntonio is 1 year and 8 months old. He was born with paralysis in his left shoulder. There is a big progress in the hand’s movement after rehabilitation and the child can good chances for normal living. "PROtegni raka" gave amount, which will be used for additional procedures.

Dimitar Nikolov is 4 years old from Pazardjik. Unlike his twin-sister, who is healthy, he has difficulties in body movements, due to child cerebral paralysis. Thanks to massage and long rehabilitation his condition gets better. After legs’ operation, he needs intensive rehabilitation, for which "PROtegni raka" helped for second time.

Martin is 9 year old with the disease child cerebral paralysis and epilepsy. With the governmental help soon he will depart to Germany for treatment. After the therapy, he will needs intense rehabilitation, for which "PROtegni raka" gave the necessary funds, hoping that the child will get better.

Encho Angelov is 9 years old. He has a light mental retardation, but he goes to school. For improvement of his speech capacity, he needs special occupations with logoped, These will be paid with "PROtegni raka"financial help.

Yordan Kamenov is 3 years old from Haskovo. Immediately after his birth he was diagnosed with child cerebral paralysis and additional illness epilepsy. "PROtegni raka" helps with paying logo and psychotherapy, as well as specialized rehabilitation. The parents don’t want to miss the chance their child to be well socially integrated.

Georgi Hristov is 4 years old. At the age of 6 moths, the doctors found child cerebral paralysis. Since then the child’s treatment has been continuing, in order to surmount the retardation in his motive and mental development. "PROtegni raka" donates funds for rehabilitation for second time.

Аtanaska is 17 years old and suffers from anorexia - a neurosis related with changes in the mood and weak or no feeding. The disease itself is treated with a large number of visits with psychologist, and "PROtegni raka" allowed funds for this purpose.

Asen Mihaylov is 5 years old from Velingrad. He is diagnosed with cerebral paralysis, and he is not able to walk. Every month the child uses the procedures allowed from the National healthy bank and visits rehabilitations to Momin prohod’s hospital. His parents learned for "PROtegni raka" and apply with the request for funds for the purchase of a device that helps walking.

Stoyna is a girl at the age of 13. She has healthy problems long time ago and his diagnosis is hypoparatireoidism. As a treatment she needs expensive medicines. The Fund contributed granting funds for purchase of medicines.

3-months Мiglena Angelova urgently needs implantation of liquid draining system because of hydro cefalia interna. The National healthy bank will cover the expenses for the operation, while the draining system will be paid with "PROtegni raka" funds.

Rossi is 16 years old. At the age of 8 her parents found spinal column bending that increases more and more. The disease confirmed is toracal scoliosa. The parents collect funds for an operation planned. "PROtegni raka" responded to their request for granting funds for Rossi.

Georgi Zahariev is 8 years old. At the age of 7 months his parents found low motive activity. He is diagnosed with spinal muscle atrophy. Georgi’s mother applied for help needed for the purchase of specialized wheel-chair and the Fund approved granting of funds.

Petar Tonov is 14 years old. His four limbs are damaged by child cerebral paralysis. As a method of treatment they use rehabilitation, which his mother conducts for her child. Anyway for his moving Petar needs a wheel-chair. "PROtegni raka" granted funds for the purchase.

Raya is 3 years and 10 months from Varna, suffers form child cerebral paralysis. The rehabilitation is with good effect, and the child can walk alone, tossing her right leg. Special splints for day and night will be manufactured for Raya, as recommended by doctors. "PROtegni raka" granted funds for the purchase.

Nikolay has normal development till the age of 8, when he felt headache, vomiting. The examinations showed brain tumour and the child is operated. After the operation it is needed laser therapy, that will be paid with "PROtegni raka" funds, hoping that Nikolay will get better.

Preslava is 7 years old from Dobrich, she has a twin-brother. At the age of 1 year and 3 months she got virus illness, whish resulted in cerebral paralysis. In November 2008 "PROtegni raka" helped for the purchase of help walking device. This time the Fund approved funds for rehabilitation, in order to improve child’s motive function.

Jana Vladimirova is 2 years old. She suffers from arthrogriposis. The limbs’ movements are damaged, but the child’s mental development is normal. For additional rehabilitation, which is very important for improvement of child’s health and for water treatment will be used the funds from "PROtegni raka".

Murat is 2 years old from Еzerovo, suffering from cerebral paralysis and retina pathia . He has a healthy twin-brother. Murat goes to regular rehabilitation. After examination, he needs hyper bar oxygenation and splints. "PROtegni raka" helped Murat with funds for 10 procedures in bar box and purchase of splints.

Radina is 4 years and a half from Plovdiv. She can’t hear very well and has a retardation in her language development. The child has good chances for hearing recovery. He mother applied for funds for intense occupations with logoped which were granted by the Fund.

After analysis 5-year old Reni is diagnosed with with disorder in her development with elements of autism. The child visits logoped and psychologist. She takes also amino acids and this has very good influence on her. Her parents apply for funds for purchase of the additives and their request was approved.

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