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January 2011

Daniel I Ilian Urukovi are twins. When the children are at the age of 7 months they are diagnosed with child cerebral paralysis. Ilian has the two legs damaged but Daniel hand and legs. The conduct every-day rehabilitation and logo therapy. The children can speak. "PROtegni raka" helped with funds for rehabilitation for both children.

Venemira Stefanova is 9 years and a half old. To improve her condition, she needs implantation of valve system since she suffers from internal hydrocefalia. "PROtegni raka" covers the expenses for this operation.

10-year old Desislava Grozdanova suffers from damages as a result of child cerebral paralysis. She has received help from "PROtegni raka" for the purchase of wheel-chair and rehabilitation. The Fund granted amount for third time that will be used for water treatment. It will improve the physical tone and the body movements.

Mathew Dimitrov goes to school in first class. At first he is diagnosed autism, but later the disease found is sclerosis. He has conducted logo and psycho therapy for improving speech and social adaptation. According to the new diagnosis will be determined a new treatment. The parents will use the funds from "PROtegni raka" depending on the child’s.

Bojidar Tomor is 1 year and 9 months old. Because of birth complications, he has malformation and motive retardation. The child conducts an active rehabilitation in the Center for medical and social cares in Varna, and he can pronounce the words mother and grandmother. The Fund helped in 2011 with funds for procedures in a bar box.

Mert Umer is 3 years old. He has a premature birth after which some disorder in motive function is found and diagnosed child cerebral paralysis. He needs rehabilitation that his parents have financial difficulties to ensure. The Fund supports the child’s treatment with an amount for rehabilitation procedures.

Cvetelina Malcheva is 4 years old and suffers form a rare nerves disease – Agelman’s syndrome and cerebral paralysis. The illness leads to intellectual and physical retardation. "PROtegni raka" ensured fund for treatment with amino acids that will improve Cveti’s condition.

Halil Mitev is 1 year old. After his birth the disease cerebral paralysis touching his movements is found. He takes amino acids that improve his mental and physical condition. The parents have learned for "PROtegni raka" and apply for funds for the next amino acids therapy. Their request was approved.

Andrian Georgiev is 13 years old. He has limited movement due to the disease child cerebral paralysis, but he can walk. The recommendations are for an intense rehabilitation and logo and psycho therapy as well in order to improve his condition. The granted aid from "PROtegni raka" will be used for the complex treatment.

Cvetina Cvetkova is 8 years old. 4 years earlier the diabetes is found and the child is on insulin therapy and special diet. An important help for the parents in the Cvetina’s treatment will be the Funds from "PROtegni raka" that will be used for test bands and nutritive additions.

Krasimir Gevev is 1 year and a half old. His has deformations of foot since his birth. He has conducted an active rehabilitation from the age of 7 months and has good chance to get better. "PROtegni raka" supported the treatment with an amount for additional rehabilitation procedures for an optimal effect from the treatment.

Radina Penkova has a sight reduced - 30 % for one eye and 70 % for the other. They conduct treatment in Russian hospital, as a result of which the sight abilities have significantly increased. The parents are hopeful and plan new visit, this time in a hospital in Serbia. For which they collect funds "PROtegni raka" respond to their request for help.

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