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January 2012

3-year old Kremena Kuncheva has motive development retardation and is diagnosed with child cerebral paralysis. She has suffered a few operations for tendons extension as a result of which she can steps supported. She conducts gymnastics with rehabilitator 10 days every month. Her mother applies in "PROtegni raka" for a special wheel-chair. There is an account for donation in favour of Kremena. Her parents collect funds for treatment in Israel.

Krasimir Yasenov is almost 5 years old. He has general development disorder that consists of no willing and limited abilities for communication. For improving the condition he needs a long-time psycho and logo therapy. "PROtegni raka" helps the treatment with funds that will be used for payment of these special therapies.

Stanimir Nikolov was born with abdominal defect which required a difficult operation. Now he is 3 year old and because he grows up, he needs to be operated again. "PROtegni raka" approved funds immediately considering the urgent intervention.

Rumiana Georgieva is 13 years old with the disease child cerebral paralysis. She walks with difficulties, but she is glad to take part in competitions for children with damages. She wins awards, including monetaryq that are used for her rehabilitation. This year she applies for fourth time in "PROtegni raka" with the request for funds for knee-piece and rehabilitation. The approved the necessary help.

Julieta Ribnikova is 12 years old. Despite she suffers from lack of sight, her mental development is very good. She goes to specials school and need Brail’s machine. Her mother has found such machine at a better price from Germany. The Fund issued a certificate for the machine financing.

Viktor Vulchev is 6 years old with motive and mental development retardation. Thanks to his parents’ efforts, continued rehabilitation and logo therapy, his condition is obviously better - he can walk and tries to speak. The funds from "PROtegni raka" will be used for intense logo therapy for improving Viktor’s speech.

Kristian Svetlozarov is 5 years old. His development is normal till the age of three. Then his parents noticed that he doesn’t start speaking. As a result of the examination deafness is found and cochlear implantation is made. Since then the child has been hearing. The approved amount from "PROtegni raka" will be for hearing processor repair.

Denislav Dobrev is 5 years old. He is treated from the disease child cerebral paralysis. Five leg’s operations are made to be able to walk. Deni visits the Center for medical and social cares in Varna where he use special rehabilitation program.
His family applies for funds for set up straight device that will help the boy’s further development.

Kristian Georgiev is 15 years old with the disease child cerebral paralysis. He suffered a few legs’ operations, as a result of which he can walk supported. He needs a set up straight device which will enable him to be stable and walking independently. The Fund gave amount for the purchase of this special appliance.

Cvetomir Cvetkov is 8 years old. He has legs’ damages as a consequence of child cerebral paralysis. The every-day rehabilitation is very important for improvement of his condition and he visits a special center for this purpose. The first help from "PROtegni raka" was for operation. His parents apply again for the purchase for therapeutic bicycle which will improve the boy’s movements.

Georgi Velikov is 15 years old diagnosed with child cerebral paralysis. There are very good results from the continued rehabilitation and his condition started to get better. The boy goes to special school in the hospital in Momin prohod, where he studies and does rehabilitation simultaneously, and he can walk. The doctors recommend to use running path for moving. The funds for the purchase are provided from "PROtegni raka".

Reni Mechkova is 6 years and a half old. In her early age she has speech retardation and the doctors had doubts for deafness, but later she was diagnosed with general disorder development combined with elements of autism.
Reni visits psychologist and logoped, "PROtegni raka" provided funds for amino acids treatment. The second help will be used for blood examination planned that will take place in Germany.

Daniel Kasabov is 5 years old and suffers from hearing reduction of the ears. As a result he his speech is damaged. He needs an intense rehabilitation for the speech and the hearing for which the Fund allowed amount.

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