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January 2014

Yordanka Stoyanova is 4 years old. Due to delayed motor development she goes to rehabilitation with good effects. She needs an aiding device, which will help the process of motor function recovery. For this purpose "PROtegni raka" granted a financial aid in favour of the little girl.

Teodora Dimitrova is 2 years old. Her condition is characterized with a delay in the psycho-motor development. To clarify the diagnosis and start a proper treatment, DNA tests were needed, and "PROtegni raka" financed the tests.

Bozidar Stefanov is 9 years old. On account of peculiarities in the child’s behaviour, he is diagnosed as an autistic child and needs therapy by specialists. "PROtegni raka" contributed to the treatment of the boy, providing funds for sessions with a speech therapist and a psychologist to work on the child’s communication and adaptation skills.

Marietta Mavrova is 3 years old. Thanks to the ongoing treatment she has a significant progress in speech and motor development, and she has started to attend a specialized kindergarten. The child received funds from "PROtegni raka" to pay for hyperbaric therapy, which has a positive effect on her condition.

Stefan Georgiev is 4 years old with generalized development disorder. With the active care by his mother and work with specialists the child shows improvement. "PROtegni raka" granted an aid to conduct hyperbaric therapy, which stimulates the activity of the central nervous system, and hence improves the child’s overall condition.

Rejep Chavush is 7 years old. At an early age he was diagnosed with lack of hearing, but thanks to the timely diagnosis and treatment the child has normal development and goes to regular school with the other children of his age. With financial support by "PROtegni raka" the external unit of the ear implant was repaired.

Berk Shamov is 1 year and 9 months old. His condition is characterized by mild mental retardation and muscular hypotonia. To ensure the proper development of the child, continuous rehabilitation is needed, as well as genetic tests. "PROtegni raka" helped with the amount of BGN 1,000 to cover for some of the costs.

Iskren Ivanov is 2 years and 9 months old. The neuro-psychological development of the child is delayed for his age; therefore the child needs a rehabilitation treatment. For the second year "PROtegni raka" donated funds for motor rehabilitation procedures, which lead to a positive change.

Elitsa Koycheva is 1 year old. She goes to rehabilitation for impaired motor function. Thanks to the therapy she can already walk with support. Her parents applied to "PROtegni raka" for financial help for additional rehabilitation.

Emil Dimitrov is 2 years and 6 months old. His parents make efforts to improve the physical activity of the child through monthly rehabilitation. To help strengthen the muscles and limbs "PROtegni raka" allocated funds for the purchase of special equipment – a therapeutic prism with belts.

Rosen Ivanov is 6 years old. Due to delayed motor development he goes to rehabilitation procedures and wears orthopaedic splints. He needs a verticalizer which will help him in the rehabilitation process. "PROtegni raka" supported the family with part of the amount needed for the purchase of the aid.

Lazar Pavlov is 10 years old. Suffering muscular dystrophy, the child cannot walk independently and needs mobility aids. The sum granted by "PROtegni raka" will help for the purchase of a new and more comfortable and functional chair, which will allow the child to go to school.

Denislav Dobrev is 7 years old. He has been conducting a complete rehabilitation program for the treatment of the cerebral palsy. The child has motor progress and needs a specialized tricycle that will help him walk. "PROtegni raka" provided the amount of BGN 1,000 for the purchase of the aiding device required.

Nikola Dimitrov is 2 years old. His condition shows some retardation in his neuro-physical development. It is recommended the child to be treated with physiotherapy and kinesi-therapy which will improve his motor activity. "PROtegni raka" granted the amount of BGN 1,000 to this goal.

Viktor Dachev is 3 year old with a diagnosed delay in the motor development. To improve his condition, the child is treated with rehabilitation and massage which must not be interrupted. To ensure more efficient treatment, Viktor’s parent applied for funds from "PROtegni raka". The Fund approved their application for the second time.

Maxim Asenov is 3 years old. As a result of a past viral infection the child stopped speaking. To have his condition precisely diagnosed and an appropriate treatment prescribed, he needs to undergo several medical examinations and tests. "PROtegni raka" granted funds to the goal.

Bojidara Georgieva is 5 years old. As a result of hydrocephalus and cerebral paralysis her physical and neuro-psychical development is delayed. To improve her motive capabilities she needs active rehabilitation including massage and exercises. The Fund has approved financial help for the second time for the treatment to be continued.

Petya Hristova is 3 years 9 months old. The child has a delay in the neuro-psychical development, but according to doctors she has a good potential for recovery, provided an active treatment is carried out. "PROtegni raka" supported the little girl, providing funds for regular sessions with a speech therapist, psychologist and physiotherapist.

Valentin Genchov is 7 years old. Because of delay in his motive development he goes to rehabilitation with good effects on his condition. His parents applied to "PROtegni raka" for funds to be spent on an increased number of procedures in order to make better progress.

Asen Asenov is 7 years old. Because of his deafness the child was operated and a hearing aid was implanted in his left ear. With the implant his condition is improving. Asen received a financial help from "PROtegni raka" to have the speech processor repaired.

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