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January 2015

Gergana Gancheva was born prematurely and develops cerebral palsy. Now, she is almost 5 years old and until now, undergone several surgeries and active rehabilitation. Doctors recommend the child to use a walker, which will develop her motor skills. The parents haven’t possibility to buy the specialized walker and applied to “PROtegni Raka” for a help. The Fund supported their application and Gery received the walker.

Martin Govedarski is a 3-years old boy from Kazanluk. Since a little boy, he suffers of severe cerebral palsy. The treatment is only through rehabilitation and doctors have opinion that this will help and don’t need surgery. For this purpose it is necessary to be purchased specialized walker. “PROtegni Raka” helped with BGN 1000 for the purchase of the device.

Ilia Iliev is a 5-years old boy and he was born prematurely with low weight – 1450g. At age 7-8 months the parents noticed delays in his motor development. Currently Ilia still can’t walk alone, with support makes few steps. As a result of the regular rehabilitation, Ilia thrives movements of his hands, so he can hold and catch objects and can keep his head upright. He can understand speech and lead simply conversations. His mother is trained and conducts rehabilitations at home. Ilia need a walker, which apply for funding from “PROtegni Raka”. The fund approved their request and donates BGN 1000 to purchase the walker.

Kiril Petrov is a 7-years old boy from Plovdiv. In early childhood, he has established delay in expressive speech – knows about 50 words, as most of them are incomplete, he says only the first syllable. He needs genetic analysis for clarification of his condition and takes appropriate therapy. The investigation isn’t covered by national health insurance fund and the parents can’t afford it. Fund “PROtegni Raka” pay the procedure, which cost BGN 500 and will now have clarity for specific therapy of Kiril.

Simeon Kirilov is a 16-years old boy, suffering of severe cerebral palsy. The boy has a several additional complications. He is going in specialized school “Dr. Ivan Shishmanov” in Varna for children with multiple disabilities. To be able to attend school, Simeon using stroller, this was donated by a private company. The cart is not functional for all seasons and the mother applied to us to help for buy winter cover the stroller, as well summer and winter orthopedic shoes. Fund “PROtegni Raka” approved their application and supported the boy with BGN 1000 to purchase necessary facilities.

Vanesa Chinkova is a 6-years old girl from Sofia. She was born by normal way, but on age 1 year and half, she has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and mild mental retardation. The girl was treated by monthly rehabilitation, ensured by the national health insurance fund. In 2011 y. we supported the girl for additional rehabilitation and she felt much better. At the present moment, the girl needs more psychological rehabilitation, than physical. In Bulgaria enters new method of brain stimulation, which isn’t covered by the national health insurance fund. “Bio – feedback” therapy represents electrostimulation of the brain by diodes, which stimulate the brain activity, while it is interesting to the child. Mother can’t pay the procedures by herself and therefore seek support from us. Fund “PROtegni Raka” approved BGN 1000 for procedures “Bio – feedback” for the little Vanesa.

Michaela Mitkova is a 7-years old girl. She was born in good condition, but after the third month starts the seizures and after hospitalization she is diagnosed with epilepsy. Over the years, treated with prescribed medication, it’s improves her condition on moments. However, Michaela still can’t sit and walk independently. In order to stimulate her troubling, the doctors have recommended she to use a walker at home. Parents haven’t possibility to purchase utility and Fund “PROtegni Raka” donated BGN 1000 for its purchase.

Yavor Genchov is a 6 - years old boy, he was born prematurely with weight 1200 g., for which he was held resuscitation. The child is with symptoms of severe brain hemorrhages, including a large hemorrhage in the left hemisphere. As a consequence, the child develops posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus, epilepsy, severe cerebral palsy. Yavor has a twin – brother, who is healthy. Until now, the boy had 23 surgeries, which improved his condition. However, Yavor can’t walk, only crawl. Recently the child speaks as a result of permanent rehabilitation. The doctors advise to don’t stop the rehabilitation procedures. It is matter of financial option Yavor to use more procedures, after these by clinical pathway. Parents applied to “PROtegni Raka” with a request for funding of additional procedures. The Fund approved the BGN 1000 for active rehabilitation for Yavor.

Kaloyan Krastev is a one year and half old boy from Varna. He was born by emergency cesarean due to complications. His condition was extremely serious. He was turned to intensive medical treatment and 20 days later is released to be at home. The diagnosis is expressed hydrocephalus. On age of 7 - months, the boy had surgery and after the intervention there was some betterment. To be able to follow his development program, it is recommended active rehabilitation at home. The parents don’t have financial possibility and ask support from us. Fund “PROtegni Raka” donated BGN 1000 to help Kaloyan to have the procedures.

Ivelin Bonev is a 5-years-old boy from Sliven. He was born in the sixth month of pregnancy, weighing only 800g. When he was on 1 year and 3 month was diagnosed with cerebral palcy. Parents began to conduct intensive rehabilitation in the sanatorium in Kotel by clinical pathway – 10 days per month. Improvements are fact – Ivo can sit, walk on tiptoe, visiting public kindergarten when isn’t sick. Thought the support of various donors, Ivo had access to have active rehabilitation, but it should not be interrupted. The boy loves to ride a bicycle and doctors advise to be purchased specialized tricycle for rehabilitation. The price of the specialized device is too high for the family, so “PROtegni Raka” gave BGN 1000, which can support the purchase.

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