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October 2017

Damyan and Bozhidar Pavlovi are 4-year old twins from Sofia. Both of them have delays in their development, they do not use a lot of words and do not communicate, instead they prefer self - games. The medical opinion is that their skills respond to age of 2-year-old children. To overcome their condition they should do a lot of psycho and speech therapies as well specialized educator. The family has one more child, who is heathy. For the parents payment of the treatment for the twins is expensive challenge, so they sought support from PROtegni Raka. The association donated by BGN 1,000 for each boy to provide the forthcoming therapies.

Samoel Danailov developmental issues protegni raka charitySamoel Danailov is an 11-year old boy from Sofia. He has He has issues in his normal development. His behavior often is unexpected and sometimes aggressive in sign of liking. With him are working speech and psycho therapists, who achieve progress by permanent procedures. For his family is financial impossible to provide these therapies, therefore PROtegni Raka donated BGN 1,000 in support of Samoel’s treatment.

Daria Beleva is a girl of 5 from Sofia. At age of 3 based of difficulties in her communication skills were held medical test and diagnosis of autism was set. Nowadays, Daria still can’t speak clearly and use simple words. Her behavior is introvert as she lives in her own world. For her is strongly recommended to do therapies which will improve her communication skills, but the price of the treatment is too high for the limited incomes of her family. PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 to be used for the speech and psycho therapies of the girl.

Mira Ivanova autism Protegni raka therapyMira Ivanova is a 3-year old girl from Sofia, who suffers of autism. She has difficulties in her speech skills and can’t pronounce words clearly. Her parents supposed that Mira is deaf child, but held test disproved them. When they can assure funds they lead Mira to specialized therapies and there is a slow progress in girl’s communication skills. Unfortunately, they can’t manage to provide permanent treatment, even though she needs these therapies for her progress. The family turned to PROtegni Raka and the association donated BGN 1,000, which to be used for the treatment of the little girl.

Berk Khalidov is a 3-year old boy from Kazanlak. He is diagnosed with medium mental retardation, which limits his physical development. Berk can walk with additional support and has simple movement skills. He is not able to eat or assist by himself. Very often he doesn’t respond to sounds, touches or light. He can’t speak and is not able to understand. When family can manage it Berk has treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation which improves his condition. The boy is growing up and he needs already a specialized cart and permanent oxygen therapy. The parents have just a part of needed amount for the cart and can’t provide funds for treatment. They sought support from PROtegni Raka about the cart and therapies and the association purchased the cart and assured amount for the forthcoming hyperbaric oxygenation.

Yoana Vasileva is a 13-year old girl from Plovdiv, who since early childhood has light mental retardation. She does serious mistakes on writing and speaking, use simple phrases and can’t pronounce clearly the words. For her is recommended to has speech and psycho therapies at least 3 times a week, but her her parents can provide only 1 treatment weekly with price BGN 25. They have turned to PROtegni Raka and the association provided donation of BGN 1,000 for psycho and speech therapies for the little Yoana.

Ognyan Rusovski Protegni Raka autism therapyOgnyan Rusovski is a 4-year old boy from Sofia, who suffers of autism. He has a twin-brother as both of them were born health, by later there is recognized that Oggy has conditions – he doesn’t like to play, can’t speak and don’t understand speech. The doctors confirmed the diagnosis autism and recommended different kinds of therapies. They’ve working to improve his understanding skills and there are planned forthcoming speech therapies. The parents sought support of PROtegni Raka and the association donated BGN 1,000 for the treatment of the little boy.

Emir Fedail Protegni Raka cerebral palsy hydrocephalus therapy protegni rakaEmir Fedail is a 6-year old boy from Razgrad. He was born in critical condition, as he has cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. His motor skills are impaired and since young childhood the child has started to do different kinds of therapies. Nowadays with the support of contributors the family approached Turkish hospital where Botox was placed to Emir’s arms to improve his condition. After the intervention there are needed a lot of therapies in Bulgaria, which the family can’t manage it. Therefore PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 in support of treatment of Emir.

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