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March 2017

Raya Raycheva cerebral palsy Protegni raka Raya Raicheva is a 6-year-old girl who suffers of cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. She has a twin brother, who is a healthy child without any disabilities. To overcome the hydrocephalus, Raya has placed valve in the brain that takes excess fluid and does not create pressure. Cerebral palsy negatively affects her motor skills and even today she can not walk by herself and need daily treatments. NHIF does not provides enough procedures and the Raya’s family can not find funds to pay for additional therapies. Therefore, PROtegni Raka donated BGN 1,000, to be used for the rehabilitation of Raya.

Nikolay Valchev is a boy of 6 from the city.Stara Zagora. He suffers of cerebral palsy, which began to emerge while he was a baby. The disability affecting his hands and feet. Nicky is underwent 4 surgeries of his legs and two of his arms. They have improved his condition, but to preserve what has been achieved and there is new progress he has to make rehabilitation every day. Nicky’s family has chosen clinic in Momin Prohod as they use therapies 10 days a month by clinical pathway. For other days the family have to pay the therapies but does not have enough funds. PROtegni Raka supported Nicky giving him BGN 1,000 for rehabilitation in the therapeutic center.

Stanimir Zhivkov is a boy of four years and a half from the town of Vidin. Born with cerebral palsy, he is deprived of the ability to move freely and to have a normal childhood. Stanimir overcome many orthopedic operations and hundreds of hours of therapy. Unfortunately, the methods in Bulgaria do not improve his condition. However, he is smiling boy who believes in his progress. There is a hope in a hospital in Serbia, where they can make bloodless surgery for the child and to improve his muscle tone. The operation cost EUR 2,850, the mother was collected from donors majority of the amount, but did not reach EUR 500. She herself takes care for Stanimir and his bigger sister and her income is not enough to meet household expenses. Therefore, PROtegni Raia donated the necessary EUR 500 and in the beginning of March 2017 Stanimir has been operated in the Serbian hospital.

Martin Radoychev autism Protegni raka Martin Radoychev is a three year old boy from the town of Shumen He has developmental problems, as his speech is underdeveloped and difficult communicating with children and adults. After held researches has been established as well intolerance to dairy and gluten. Symptoms are crucial to the child's condition - autism. In the family works only the dad because Martin's mother is constantly beside him. Boy attending kindergarten for two hours a day. During the rest time, he makes various therapies. One of the most successful treatments for him is the oxygen therapy in hyperbaric chambers, which improves the communication skills. The funds in the family do not reach for the regular payment of therapy, so PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 in support of Martin.

Angel Angelov is a 10-year-old boy who suffers of hydrocephalus. Damage slows the boy’s development and his communication skills are like 4-year-old kid. To advance much he needs speech and psycho therapy, as well as being among children. Parents do not have enough funds to pay all the necessary treatments and sought support from PROtegni Raka. The Association donated BGN 1,000 to provide therapy with a speech therapist for the little Angel.

Bozhidar Spasov cerebral palsy Protegni raka Bozhidar Spasov is an 11-year-old boy from the city of Sofia. He suffers of cerebral palsy, accompanied by epilepsy and Polymicrogyria (structural change in the brain as early as embryonic period). 10 years ago PROtegni Raka for the first time supported the child, paying for treatments in hyperbaric chambers by oxygen. Despite ongoing rehabilitation, Bobcho still can not stand, do not walk, and mental development is delay. There are some hopes for improving of his condition is by implantation of stem cells, which could be done in a clinic in Istanbul. The chance for improvement is big, the cost of intervention too. So in March 2017 PROtegni Raka provided donation of USD 550 as part of the needed amount and Bobcho departed for the planned operation.

Bayan Marinov is a 7-year-old boy from the town of Ruse who has Down syndrome. The disability is affecting as well his speech. Through a lot of work with a speech therapist there is progress - at first the boy was pronounced only a few sounds, but now he is trying to connect words in sentences. To hold the progress Bayan need every week to visit a speech therapist at least three times. Family incomes are insufficient and they are not able to pay the therapies. PROtegni Raka supported the boy, providing BGN 1,000 for his speech therapy.

Slaveya Kirilova is a 5-year-old girl from the city of Sofia. At birth, she received a severe brain haemorrhage in lesions on the brain. This affects the motor skills of the little girl, and epileptic seizures and West syndrome. Over the years, she has been treated with various medications to partially stabilize her condition. Because of her disabilities Starling did not attend kindergarten. In 2012 PROtegni Raka for the first time supported the girl, giving BGN 1,000 for therapy procedures. Now we provided the same amount again to ongoing Slaveya’s therapy.

Miroslav Petrov cerebral palsy glaucoma Protegni raka Miroslav Petrov is a 3-year-old child from the town of Elena, who suffers from cerebral palsy and glaucoma. Miro can barely move, but since one year and a half, his parents began to lead to therapies and they see progress in his condition. The boy started to walk by support. To keep the progress Miro needs constant motor therapies. His parents have turned to PROtegni Raka with an appeal for support and the Association provided BGN 1,000 for the rehabilitation of the little Miro.

Borislav Grozdin cerebral palsy protegni raka fibrotomiaBorislav Grozdin is a boy of eight yearsfrom the town of Razlog. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is mostly expressed in his left limbs. Borislav has undergone several operations in Turkey, which has a slight progress. In 2016 his family has been consulted by Russian doctors in Sofia that perform bloodless operations for granting tendons. Closest hospital where he operate is in Serbia, and the surgery price is BGN 2,850. The parents sought help from PROtegni Raka for partial payment of the planned bloodless operation - fibrotomia. The Association provided maximum limit of EUR 500 and supported upcoming operation for Borislav.

Angelina Kalinova a girl of two years and a half from the town of Pazardzhik. She suffers from a rare disease cystic fibrosis, which hinders her normal breathing. Daily Angelina needs a supportive medications, therapies and inhaler. Not all drugs are taken by State’s health insurance fund, so parents monthly pay huge sums for treatments and drugs. At present, Angelina needs a new inhaler, as the old no longer works. Its price is BGN 517.50 and its price is impossible for the family. PROtegni Raka bought the new inhaler and the girl can use it.

Sofka Filipova spina bifida protegni raka Sofka Filipova is a three-year-old girl from the city of Sofia who suffers of lumbar spina bifida. The disease immobilized her from the waist down, despite two operations that have been made. Through therapy, including electrostimulation and massage doctors see hope for the child’s improvement. Parents do not have enough funds to pay regular rehabilitation for Sofka, but therapies are essential for her development. Therefore, PROtegni Raka donated BGN 1,000 by which treatments will be conducted.

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