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April 2017

Efe Nevzat is a boy of 7 from the town of Shumen. Up to age of 2, he had grown up normally, then began to degrade - he avoided contact with children and adults, as well he did not listen when someone talks to him. Efe is using just few words and his behavior is unusual as the children of the same age .That turns his parents got consultation with doctors to find out what the problem is. The diagnosis of the child is autism and treatment involves a lot of work with therapists and gluten-free meals. For a few years, Efe has made progress, even small. The therapists, who work with the boy, have hopes that his condition could be improved by hyperbaric oxygenation therapies. Unfortunately, the procedures are financially impossible for the Efe’s family and they turned for help to the PROtegni Raka. The association donated an amount of BGN 1,000 to provide the necessary therapies.

Yordan Damyanov brain desiases protegni raka charityYordan Damyanov is a 9-year-old boy from the town of Haskovo, who has brain malformations and epilepsy. The disabilities affect the exchange of information between the both brain hemispheres and this reflects on his overall condition. Yordan can not be self-sufficient and his mother is caring to him. His sensitive condition doesn’t allow surgery interventions, so he only doing therapies. Even at this age Danny still using diapers, but this could be changed by constantly using a special commode stool. In his family only the father is working, so the purchase of the stool is an impossible task. That's why PROtegni Raka provided BGN 949 and the boy has his own stool.

Todor Stoyanov is a 6-year-old boy from the city of Sofia. Since infancy, he suffers of cerebral palsy, which has affected his right limbs. Since then Todor doing rehabilitations as every 10 days a month are provided by the Health Insurance Fund. The have bigger progress he needs more therapies. The boy’s family hasn’t managed the additional rehabilitation and they sought help from PROtegni Raka. The association donated BGN 1,000 to provide the necessary therapies for the little Todor.

Said Saidov Spinal muscle atrophy Protegni raka donationSaid Saidov is a 4-year-old boy from the town of Targovishte, who suffers of Spinal Muscle Atrophy. At the age of 6 months his first problems has arose, as he was unable to keep his head stable and to stand on his feet. There are three more children in the family of Said who are healthy. For the rehabilitation of the boy mother and children often travel to Varna. Said is still unable to walk, and a verticalizer is needed to maintain his muscle tone .This way the child will be able to use the device even when it is at home. The price of the verticalizer hasn’t be managed by the family and the mother sought support from PROtegni Raka. The association provided BGN 2,000 and Said has already using the device.

Bertan Bekir autism Protegni raka Bertan Bekir is an 11-year-old boy from the town of Targovishte, who has a severe form of autism. The boy had spoken later and going to a kindergarten that showed unreasonable aggression to the other children. His mental development even today is like on a younger child. His parents are leading him to various therapies, started in 2015 hyperbaric oxygenation therapies. There is significant progress in the boy's condition. The family has not amount to continue the treatment, otherwise the achieved progress will be lost. They sought help from PROtegni Raka and the association donated BGN 1,000 to provide Hyperbaric oxygenation therapies for the little Bertan.

Siana Sasheva is an 1-year-old baby from the town of Lovech. She was born in a depressive condition and was translated into neonatology to be stabilized. At age of 5 months, her mother noticed that Siana can not keep her head steady and lags behind her development. After held examinations by doctors, the diagnosis was found - cerebral palsy. Due to her young age, doctors recomended intensive course of therapies to the child. The Health Insurance Fund does not fully cover the needed therapies and the family can not afford it either. That is why PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 for Siana's therapy.

Daniel Petrov motor deseases Protegni raka Daniel Petrov is a 2-year-old boy from the city of Sofia. He was born prematurely in an impaired general condition, which has affected his motor skills. The first two months Danny has been stabilized in a neonatology. Now he is 2-year-old boy and is a very smiled child who has a problem with his feet. The doctors have opinion that by intensive rehabilitation the disability could be eliminated. It is too difficult for parents to find therapies and PROtegni Raka has provided BGN 1,000 for Danny's therapy at a rehabilitation center in Bankya.

Daniel Ivanov is a boy of 7 from the city of Plovdiv. He is lagging behind in his overall development, and many various therapists are working with him. Monthly therapy for the boy costs BGN 282, but it is expensive for the small incomes of the parents. PROtegni Raka supported the boy's development and donated BGN 1,000 to be used for his planned therapy.

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