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May 2017

Valentin Metodiev deafness protegni raka charityValentin Metodiev is a child aged 6 and a half year-old from the city of Sofia, who has impaired hearing. The problem was found when Valentin is 3 year-old, because he did not respond to calls and speech. To hear normally, there are prescribed pair of hearing aids of a total price of BGN 2,450 and for the purchase does not reach BGN 1,200. For Valentin's family it is impossible to collect the missing amount, so PROtegni Raka provided the requested amount and the child can hear again by the new devices.


Victor Genov is a 7-year-old boy from the city of Sofia, who has autism. The first symptoms of his disability has occurred after he was 2 year-old - he didn‘t pay attention and interest in games and plays with other children, and he often preferred to watch television. Even now, Victor still can not talk to his peers. To get well, he needs more sensory and speech therapies. The boy rarely did these therapies, because his parents can’t manage it. Therefore PROtegni Raka provided a donation of BGN 1,000 and ensured therapies for Victor.

Victoria Sadukova Protegni raka therapy autism charityVictoria Sadakova is a girl of 3 from village Draginovo, Pazardzhik. Up to a year and a half she had developed normally, but after chickenpox she stopped talking and felt unreasonable fair. Her parents got consultation with doctors and established impairment was atypical autism. Vicky should start therapy, but her family does not have the financial possibility to pay it. PROtegni Raka approved a donation in amount of BGN 1,000 to be used for her therapy.

Alisa Ganeva is a girl aged 3 and a half, who suffers of cerebral palsy affecting the girl's left body part. So far, therapies have been maintained to hold her condition so that it does not get worse. She was advised by Russian doctors and for her is strongly recommended to be performed bloodless surgery to relieve affected tendons. The closest hospital where the operation is provided is situated in Serbia, but it is not covered by the state’s fund. Alisa's mother has gathered some of the requested amount, but she does not reach EUR 500. PROtegni Raka responded to her appeal and provided the requested amount, so on June 7th 2017, the operation was held and Alisa has successful recovery.

Simeon Savov is a boy of 5 from the city of Varna. After a year and a half, there is a delay in his psycho and speech development. Even yet, Simeon has consistently done speech therapies but have not made much progress. Doctors recommend hyperbaric oxygenation therapy for boy’s development. Therapies should be done at least 3 years ahead. Parents' resources are insufficient to bear this cost, so PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 for Simeon's oxygen therapy.

Chris Kraevski is a 7-year-old boy from the city of Plovdiv. He suffers of cerebral palsy that affects his speech, arms and legs. Chris can only sit, can not walk, and his development lags behind. The state provides 10 days of therapy each month that the child is using, but they are not enough to have progress. He takes daily rehabilitation, yet, paid for by the savings of the family, but now they are extremely difficult to manage it. So far, they sought support from PROtegni Raka and the association provided BGN 1,000 to improve Chris's condition.

Petya Kuleva is a 7-year-old girl from the city of Sofia. She has a 35% hearing reduction and since little using hearing aids. The old devices are already damaged and Petya could not hear normally by them. This causes her discomfort and she couldn’t communicate normally in her daily life. The price for 1 new device is BGN 1,250, so the state provides funds only for the purchase of one, but Petya needs a pair. Her mother turned to PROtegni Raka aith appeal to purchase of the other one device. The association provided donation in amount of BGN 1,250 and the little girl is already hearing well with the new devices.

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