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June 2017

Stanislava Todorova autism protegni raka charityStanislava Todorova is a 4-year-old girl from the city of Ruse, who has autism. She has been living in her own world since she was a little girl and refuse to communicate with children and adults. There are also problems in her speech development - it is difficult to say whole words and sentences. Regularly, the child visits a speech therapist and a psychologist who work on her development. Doctors also reccomend hyperbaric oxygenation, which would have a positive effect on her condition. The goal is to do several courses of 20 procedures each one to have oxygen saturation, which will be usefull for her mental development. The cost of therapy is impossible for her parents, so PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000, which covered 20 procedures in the hyperbaric chamber for the little girl.

Deyan Apostolov is a 9-year-old boy from Blagoevgrad, who suffers of cerebral palsy - severely affecting all his limbs and speech. The child doing therapies provided by a health insurance fund, but they are not enough to develop his body. Since there is a risk for the child to get chest distortion, the doctors recommend to the boy to use a verticalizer to keep him upright. The price of the device is BGN 2,000 and his family couldn’t manage it. They turned to the PROtegni Raka for help and the association purchased the device and provided it to Deyan.

Denis Georgiev Protegni raka therapy car accident trauma charityDenis Georgiev is a 17-year-old boy from village Oreshak, Troyan. At the age of eight, while he drove his bike, had a car accident. Injuries are severe - for the next 4 months, the boy is in a coma with a broken skull, paralysis of the arms and legs, as well partial blindness. After he woked up there were 2 heavy operations and the boy started rehabilitation treatment. The recovery is slowly and requires perseverance and will. Parents can’t manage to find funding for ongoing even nowadays therapies. That is why PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1,000 and provided the rehabilitation of Denis.

Dayana Ivanova is a 10-year-old girl from the town of Troyan. Since her birth, she suffers of Prader-Willi Syndrome, also proven by DNA analysis. It is caused by mental retardation, persistent appetite and growth retardation for which the girl receives a growth hormone provided by the NHIF. The family leads the child to therapy with speech therapist and psychologist, as well as motor therapies. The grandmother is a personal assistant to the child and also helps in the care since they can not leave her alone for a moment. The family sought support for Dayana's therapies, which are not covered by clinical paths. The association provided donation in amount of BGN 1,000 and helped girl’s treatment.

Ivan Bozhev is a 10-year-old boy from the city of Plovdiv, who was born with Down Syndrome. He started walking later at age of 2, his speech is also not well developed. At age of 5 he still could not speak, then he only said YES and NO until he gradually can made whole sentences. Despite injuries, Ivan likes to be among other children, but he quickly gets tired. He has been visiting a speech therapist for several years, helping him in speech development. It is advisable to visit therapies with a speech therapist minimum twice a week, but financially it is too much for his family and they have turned for support from PROtegni Raka. The association provided BGN 1,000 for the speech therapy to little Ivan.

Ivan Todorov is a 7-year-old boy from the town of Silistra, who has autism. The disease was found when he was 3 and a half year-old. It is expressed by gastrointestinal problems, introvertness and speech problems. One year ago, the parents found an alternative method of treatment by light brain electrical stimulation and see improvement in Ivan. Alas, they can’t manage to continue the course of therapy, although they see progress. PROtegni Raka Association provided BGN 1,000 to extend the effective therapies for Ivan.

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