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September 2017

Tsvetina Rumenova is a girl at age of 11 from Lom, who has bilateral congenital deafness. Her condition was recognized when she was 2-year-old. At age of 5 she got cochlear implants and her hearing has been recovered. These implants support Tsveti in her communication skills. Today, she is a student in 5th degree, but one of her devices is broken and the parents can’t manage to purchase it. Association PROtegni Raka purchased the needed part and sent it to the family to be replaced. The price of the part is EUR 839, donation for Tsveti to be able to have hearing again.

Alexander Alexandrov Autism protegni raka charityAlexander Alexandrov is an 11-year-old boy from the city of Plovdiv, who has been supported by PROtegni Raka for second time. Since a baby his motor and mental development is lagging. He communicates with fewer words than his peers and his walk is more cumbersome. The diagnose he received is autism. In order to advance in his development, besides going to school, there are needed weekly therapies with a speech therapist and a psychologist. The monthly price of the therapies is too expensive for his family, because only his father is working. Therefore, PROtegni Raka approved donation in amount of BGN 1 000, which will provide prescribed therapies for Alexander.

Radina Zantin Obseric paresis Protegni raka botoxRadina Zantin is an 1-year-old baby from Dobrich. As a result of the birth, Radina has an obstetric paresis on her left arm and can’t move her entirely, only the fingers. She undergone different kinds of therapies and electrostimulation, but there isn’t any progress. The parents were advised Botox to be placed in Radina’s arm, which will improve her muscle tone. The price of procedure is BGN 510 – too high for the limited family incomes. PROtegni Raka paid the intervention and Radina has her own progress.

Peter Lenkov Protegni raka autismPetar Lenkov is a 4-year-old boy from Haskovo, who has autism. His condition is showed as introvertness and poor stock of words, which prevents him to communicate freely. With the boy work different kinds of therapists, but most effective therapy is hyperbaric oxygenation. The family can’t manage to pay it and PROtegni Raka donate amount of BGN 1 000, which will provide forthcoming hyperbaric therapies.

Nikolay Trendafilov is a 6-year-old boy from Sofia, who suffers of cerebral palsy. The condition affects his motor skills and his speech ability. The boy is using therapies, covered by NHIF, but they are not enough for his progress. Because of this and many efforts as well, he is able to walk albeit with jolts. His condition has progress from hyperbaric oxygenation, but they are not state’s covered. For Niki’s mother this expense is too high, because of that PROtegni Raka provided donation of BGN 1 000, which to be used for the forthcoming therapies.

Emilia Sashova Protegni Raka stroller car accidentEmilia Sashova is a girl of age of 15 from Sofia. One year and half ago she was strong girl, but accidentally had a car accident and the driver escaped immediately. Emilia was delivered by helpers in the Pirogov ER with a lot of injuries. In result of the accident she was in coma for 2 months. During this time, she was maintained on aphasic breathing. Then her condition turns to sleeping sickness until December 2016. The girl has turned at home since 9 months and has slowly progress, but still can’t walk independently. She needs a specialized stroller that holds her body at the proper position. By the device as well her parents can get her out and lead her to therapies. The price of the stroller is BGN 1 750, but the family can’t manage it. They sought support from PROtegni Raka and the association purchased the stroller.

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