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January 2017

Radoslav Borisov muscular dystrophy Protegni raka Radoslav Borissov is a boy of 13 from the city of Veliko Tarnovo. He suffers of progressive muscular dystrophy which was found since young childhood. Even nowadays Radi still can’t walk. The condition isn’t falling down child’s mood and Radi is good student while studying at home. A lot of therapies in abroad and in Bulgaria were held to improve boy’s condition. The child got them with the support of contributors with big hearts. Nowadays Radi needs new specialized stroller, but his family hasn’t money to buy it. PROtegni Raka heard their appeal and provided BGN 768 to purchase the stroller.

Nayden Naydenov is 6-years-old boy from the town of Targovishte, who suffers of West Syndrome and epilepsy. Currently, Nayden still can’t sit stand up or walk. He needs a specialized stroller to going outside. The state’s funds don’t provide the full price for the device, so the parents sought support from PROtegni Raka. The Association donated BGN 1 486 and Nayden has own the new stroller and can go outside.

Victoria Dimitrova is 10-years-old girl from Izvorsko Village, Varna region. She suffers of neuropathy and cataract, in result her vision is no longer available. The neuropathy affects her muscle tone, so the girl is not able to move her limbs. The medics recommended using of specialized walker so Vicky could walk around without accidents. The price of the device is too high and her family hasn’t managed to purchase it. PROtegni Raka provided the amount of BGN 1 407 and Vicky already uses her new walker.

Georgi Krustev is 13-years-old boy from the city of Sofia, who since his birth has damaged hearing. The child used old hearing aids, which are out of order. This is an obstacle in his daily communication. By State’s funds his parents purchased one of both hearing devices and sought support from PROtegni Raka to purchase the second one. The Association donated BGN 1 200 and Georgi has new hearing aids.

Nikolay Brungov is 11-years-old boy from Dimanovo village, Smolyan region. He was born with damaged hearing and vision. To improve his hearing the boy has implanted cochlear hearing device. Despite his disabilities, the child is growing normally and is a good student. To work properly, for hearing device should be purchased charger. The price is too expensive for Nikolay’s family, so PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1 000 and purchased the charger.

Teodor Dekov is 5-years-old boy from the city of Plovdiv, who is supported for second time by PROtegni Raka. He suffers of autism and to improve his condition he needs a lot of complex therapies and medicines. The whole therapy course is too expensive and his mother can’t pay it. So PROtegni Raka provided BGN 1 000 and purchased the prescribed medicines for the little boy.

Daniel Rahnev is a child of one year and seven months old from the city of Plovdiv. He has a lot of disabilities, as well deafness. For the other disorders the boy doing a lot of therapies. The hearing could be recovered by hearing devices, but for the purchase the family needs BGN 1 100 more. So the Association donated the needed amount and Daniel using the new hearing aids.

Daniel Alexandrov is 3-years-old boy from the town of Kazanluk, who suffers of autism. The condition reflects to child’s behavior, as well allowed foods are limited. Dani undergone a lot of therapies, but his condition is much improved by hyperbaric oxygenation. Until now there held 2 therapy courses, but he needs more procedures, which his family is not able to pay. They sought support from PROtegni Raka and the Association provided BGN 1 000 for the Dani’s therapy.

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