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Our team

Working at different positions in the branches of ProCredit Bank in the country, but united by the cause of “PROtegni Raka”, 40 employees are voluntary members in the fund and contribute to the activities towards helping with the treatment of children in need. They comprise the General Assembly of the association, which is the main decision maker. Each member, sharing the aims of “PROtegni Raka”, has expressed his or her wish to be a member on the basis in a written application and has been appointed through a majority of 75% of the votes.

The main tasks of every member of “PROtegni Raka” are:
searching and presenting to the General Assembly cases of ill children who need financing for treatment;
raising financial resources for the association, including, but not solely, through organizing diverse events for the purpose;
enter, check and approve applications for financing of children.

Call us now at *7 000 or +359 700 1 70 70 from abroad

"Transportna" str.

"Slivnica" str. No.180
"25-ti Septemvri" str. No.25

"6-ti septemvri" blvd. No.219

"Borisova" str. No.6

"Todor Alexandrov" blvd. No.26

Stara Zagora
"Tzar Simeon Veliki" blvd. No.142

You can email us at: protegniraka@procreditbank.bg

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