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If you need help

If you wish to apply for help from “PROtegni Raka” please read the Fund’s policy and fill in the Application Statement for receiving of financial aid. When you send to us photo of your child please fill in the Photo Declaration.

Who does the fund help?

The funds raised through the charity fund may be used solely for the financial aid for treatment of ill children under 18, coming from socially weak families or orphans, which includes payment of medical services, medications and/or operations.

Before applying, please read our Privacy policy, where you can find information how we secure your personal data.

Call us now at *7000 or +359 700 1 70 70 from abroad

"Transportna" str.

"Slivnica" str. No.180
"25-ti Septemvri" str. No.25

"6-ti septemvri" blvd. No.219

"Borisova" str. No.6

"Todor Alexandrov" blvd. No.26

Stara Zagora
"Tzar Simeon Veliki" blvd. No.142

You can email us at: protegniraka@procreditbank.bg

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