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Who may join the initiative?
Apart from the employees of ProCredit Bank, the charity initiative can be joined by clients and partners of the bank. Anyone who wishes may join the PROtegni Raka fund through a voluntary payment or through regular monthly donations.

What is the structure of PROtegni Raka?
The governing body of the fund is the board of directors consisting of three members. The executive function is undertaken by the general assembly, which includes 40 members – employees from different branches of ProCredit Bank throughout the country. Aiming towards better functionality locally, the branches are divided in six regions. The responsibility regarding the co-ordination and the administrative work lies with the coordinator of the fund. Almost all of the ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD employees take part in PROtegni Raka.

How are decisions made in PROtegni Raka?
In order for a decision to be made regarding the allocation of help for a treatment or regarding a principal problem, a vote is undertaken, which the members of the general assembly take part in.
      In a vote in which unambiguous voting needs to occur, meaning either FOR or AGAINST, in order for approval/rejection to be made it is required at least 33% majority of the members.
      In a FOR and AGAINST vote, to have an application approved or rejected, , a majority of at least 50%+1 of the members is required.
      Regarding any principal decisions, such as introducing new members to the General assembly, changes and/or supplements in the fund’s politics or exceptions in the procedures, a majority of at least 75% of the members of the General assembly is required.

Regulations of the non-profit organization PROtegni Raka;
Policy of the non-profit organization PROtegni Raka;
Privacy policy of the non-profit organization PROtegni Raka.

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