"Every man is a small universe
every man comes from his little planet.
He lives from it and he lives with it
and he carries it in his heart
like the sun and the wound, like the morning dew.

It’s his cradle and ship,
and it’s also his soil,
in which he returns to perish.
And then from it, and out of it
a small flower emerges
like a small golden bell."


The play ‘The Little Prince’ by the travelling theatre “PROtegni raka” is a charity initiative, gathering funds for the medication of children in difficult health situations from socially weak families or orphans. The donations, gathered throughout the shows are transferred directly into the account of the non-profit association “PROtegni raka” which finances children from all over the country.


The play “The Little Prince” is an adaptation from the actress Anna Petrova. Anna kindly provided her adaptation based on the novel by Antoine De Saint Exupery for the chairity show of the theatrical troupe “PROtegni raka” for free. Chavdar Selveliev – the author of the music for the show also donated his work as charity.
The troupe chose to present precisely “The Little Prince” in order to remind all grown-ups, using this eternal work, that they were once children.
“We believe that every spectator will find himself in our play. We hope that it will reawaken in adults the forgotten and unaltered emotions and the empathy towards the pain and the feelings of others.”



DIRECTOR Aleksandar Tkachov
SCENOGRAPHY AND PUPPETS Tihomir Vitkov, Nikolai Staykov
MUSIC Chavdar Selveliev
MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT Atanas Todorov, Galin Dimov
SOUND, LIGHTS AND DÉCOR MOUNTING Luchezar Zhelev, Anelia Toneva, Ivaylo Gechev


The travelling theatre "PROtegni raka" is formed from non-professional actors, employees of ProCredit Bank in the beginning of February 2012. With great dedication and enthusiasm bank experts with different experience and at different positions join the troupe, making the project happen without getting paid for it. All of them are united by the cause of "PROtegni raka" and the idea to help the treatment of children in difficult situations with the collected resources from the performances.


season 2113
Date Place Starting time
January 31 Pravetz - "A.Konstantinov" Language School 18.00
February 20 Pernik - "Boyan Danovski" Theatre 19.00
February 22 Gabrovo - Community Centre "Aprilov-Palauzov 1861" 19.00
Date Place Starting time
May 14 Sofia - National community centre "Slavyanska beseda" 19.00
May 17 Sofia - Youth theatre "Nikolay Binev" 19.00
May 30 Haskovo - Dramatic-puppet theatre "Ivan Dimov" 19.30
June 5 Sofia - Opera and ballet of Sofia 19.00
June 6 Plovdiv - Ancient theatre 20.30
June 7 Blagoevgrad - Theatre "Nikola Vapcarov" 19.00
June 20 Burgas – Summer theatre 20.30
July 3 Stara Zagora - Theatre "Geo Milev" 19.00
July 12 Nesebar - Amphitheatre 21.00
August 14 Varna - Summer theatre 20.30
Date Place Starting time
September 18 Ruse - Theatre "Sava Ognyanov" 19.00
September 19 Razgrad - Theatre "Anton Strashimirov" 19.00
September 21 Sofia - The pond with lilies, Borisovata gradina 19.30
October 3 Montana - Theatre "Dragomir Asenov" 19.00
October 4 Vratsa - Dramatic-puppet theatre 19.00
October 15 Pleven - Dramatic-puppet theatre "Ivan Radoev" 19.00
October 17 Shumen - Dramatic-puppet theatre "Vasil Drumev" 19.00
October 18 Dobrich - Theatre "Yordan Yovkov" 19.00
October 23 Sliven - Community Centre "Zora" 19.00
October 24 Yambol - Viewing Hall Municipality Yambol 19.00
November 12 Veliko Tarnovo - Dramatic theatre
"Konstantin Kisimov"


Anyone who wishes to donate funds to the charity initiative ”PROtegni raka” and to receive and invitation for the performance can do so in special boxes for gathering funds in the theatres before the show.

Invitations for the charity event are available in every branch of ProCredit Bank in the cities, where the theatre is visiting and nearby towns.

For more information about how you can make a donation for “PROtegni raka” and to receive and invitation:
Burgas and the region - Slavka Kraleva and Plamen Mavrov, Demokratsia boulevard no.7, phone: 056 / 851 770, 896 799;
Varna - Miroslav Kolev and Atanas Ivanov, General Kolev street no.3, phone: 052 / 687 899;
Ruse - Nevin Iumerova, Borisova street no.6, phone: 082 / 81 37 31;
Razgrad - Desislava Raykova, Bulgaria boulevard no.44, phone: 084 / 66 22 48;
Montana - Plamka Grigorova and Miroslav Haralampiev, The 3rd of March boulevard no.90, phone: 096 / 300 363, 301 190;
Vratsa - Dimana Angelova and Rumyana Petrova, Targovska street no.1, phone: 092 / 666 961, 666 960;
Pleven - Irena Krasteva - San Stefano street no.7, phone: 0889 287 370; Yavor Slavov - Ivan Vazov street no.11, phone: 064 / 881625;
Shumen - Dinko Danev and Natalia Naydenova, Simeon Veliki boulevard no.59А, phone: 054 / 813 721, 874 232;
Dobrich - Georgi Yanakiev, Otets Paisii street no.34, phone: 058 / 600 336.
Veliko Tarnovo - Jordan Ivanov и Katya Ivanova, Bulgaria street no. 40, phone. 062 / 682 317, 682 325.